5 Juices And Smoothies Detox To Lose Weight

Exercising and enjoying a balanced diet is essential for good health. With the excesses of the holidays, the stress and the eaters, sometimes we go up one or two sizes and we feel more swollen and less comfortable with our body. If you want to lose those extra pounds and reach your ideal weight , or just feel lighter, there is nothing better than delicious juices and smoothies detox fruits and vegetables. Find here more light recipes to take care of yourself .


Here is a selection of juices and smoothies to lose weight at any time of the day, breakfast, snack, mid-morning or even dinner, to replace cookies, sandwiches and dinner plate, and recover the figure in less than a rooster sings.

1. Green kale and cucumber smoothie

We start with this green smoothie that combines different fruits and vegetables, each with its properties, such as banana fiber and potassium, lemon vitamin C, calcium and celery iron, and much more. Nutritious and rich.

Mix in a jar 300g of stemless kale (or chard or spinach), half cucumber , two celery stalks , a peeled lemon , a ripe banana (previously frozen), two tablespoons of chia seeds , one or two tablespoons of spirulina powder , a cup of almond milk , a cup of cold water and a glass of ice (optional).
Crush all the ingredients until you get a smooth and lump free mixture.

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2. Grapefruit, apple and raspberry juice

This pink fruit juice accelerates your metabolism to burn unwanted body fat, in addition the combination of fruits provides a large amount of nutrients to your body and is great!

First squeeze the juice of a large red grapefruit and pour it into a jar.
Then, crush two pink lady apples and 170g raspberries in a blender . Remove the foam from the top and pour it into the jar with the grapefruit juice.
Serve in glasses with ice (optional) and garnish with cut fruit and fresh mint.

3. Fruit juice from the forest and kiwi

We continue with this nutritious juice loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, which is also suitable for coeliacs, vegans and lactose intolerant. Surely you will love it.

Freeze 100g of strawberries , 75g of raspberries and 50g of blueberries .
Place the frozen berries in a jar, crush them with a blender and let them thaw for about 10 minutes.
Add two peeled and sliced kiwis and the juice of two or three oranges .
Mix it until smooth and decorate it with cut fruit, such as a kiwi or blueberries

4. Orange carrot and pineapple smoothie

This orange smoothie in addition to vitamins, has a high protein and fiber content. It is perfect for breakfast, as it brings a lot of energy to face the day, although you can take it at any time of the day.

In a jar add the juice of two oranges, 125g of natural skimmed yogurt , 50g of oat flakes, a ripe banana , two chopped carrots and 125g of frozen pineapple .
Crush everything with a blender until a smooth mixture is achieved.

5. Watermelon and cayenne juice

In addition to quenching your thirst, watermelon is a natural diuretic rich in nutrients. It helps you get rid of the swelling due to its high water and provides vitamins A and C, in addition to lycopene. Cayenne accelerates metabolism and helps burn some extra calories.

Put in the blender glass pieces of watermelon (remove the pipes beforehand), a little cayenne (to the taste of the consumer) and two glasses of water.

Mix everything with the mixer until a smooth texture is left.

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