About Me

The world around us is continuously changing. Joining these developments is enjoyable and challenging, however frequently also implies that we want to carry out more and more in less and less time. Getting as much out of yourself feels good, however can be exceptionally strenuous and difficult at times. What does it cost? would you prefer to continue; your energy does not constantly participate.

Hi, I am is Edna Crosby, a 26 years old young energetic girl. Everything that is related to health make me interested immensely!

Along with writing for Greater China Herbs, I have great interest in shopping, beauty, foods and living life in my way.

I love to do workout, consume vegetarian and I do my best to achieve what I aim. My motto for my life is to never give up rather work harder to get succeeded next time in future.

At Greater China Herb I share the life lessons that I do. My talent is making things easy and enjoyable. I get my motivation from resources that I read around, from the challenges I conquer, by observing, philosophizing and limitless chatting.

About Greater China Herbs

This website is an amazing platform on which in-depth information is shared about general health, beauty, skin care and fitness. I pursue an objective to possibly place it, where health issues are highlighted from different angles. We are likewise not scared to offer a reply to old dogmas or unilateral media focus.

On my blog you can read various articles and watch videos in the areas of Health, Beauty, Skin Care, Fitness and Dieting.
I am always influenced to connect with you. Being with a family you are more than simply yourself. Enjoy!

For any questions, do not hesitate to mail me at – [email protected]