Remedy Male Breasts with Turmeric!

Many men have to deal with male breasts and female breast formation. Certainly as one gets older the chance of developing these male breasts increases. These are the breasts of men, which are shaped like the breasts of women.

There are many factors that can play a role in the development of male breasts.


Among other things :

Being overweight
Poorly functioning liver
Anabolic steroids
Hormones that are not in balance
Genetic predisposition
However, it happens very often that we go to our doctor with the problem. An investigation is then conducted there to determine whether our hormones have become unbalanced. Then we can come to the conclusion that our hormones are in balance.

That is, the comparison between our testosterone and estrogen seems normal. The cause of the male breasts cannot therefore be directly attributed to the wrong balance between our sexual sex hormones.

Breast tissue more sensitive to estrogen

However, male breasts can still be the result of a wrong balance in the hormones. Even if that has not been determined by a doctor in the investigation. This is because the tissue in the breasts may be more sensitive to estrogen. That cannot be investigated and will not be noticed by the doctor during the investigations.

The breast tissue will therefore respond more easily to estrogen and in this way will start to produce the male breasts. For that reason one can have a normal estrogen, but still have male breasts, because the estrogen is easily absorbed in the breast cells.

We can use turmeric to prevent this. Turmeric will block this estrogen sensitivity in the breast cells. This will ensure that they will have less talent for creating male breasts.

The effect of turmeric is very strong. It is compared to the drug tamoxifen. This is a medicine that is prescribed because of its anti-estrogenic capacities.

However, there is a big difference between the herb and tamoxifen. Because we will not have to deal with the negative effects of the drug tamoxifen. In addition, no prescription from a doctor is required to use turmeric. And turmeric will protect and cleanse the liver. Instead of damaging the liver such as the drug tamoxifen.