See Five Tips To Accelerate Muscle Growth

To define the muscles of the body faster, speeding up training without decreasing the intensity is a way out. The progression is not linear and the muscular explosions are interspersed with phases of stagnation. There are men who are unable to increase muscle mass after a certain moment, no matter how hard they try to reach the goal.

It is not enough just to exercise, a balanced diet is essential for the development of muscles. Weight training should also be developed with the goal of muscle growth.

muscle growth

Do fast-paced exercises

Explosively lift your weight. The high speed will force the increased need for rapid muscle contraction. The simple trick affects the entire body, in addition to implications for muscle growth, helps to eliminate fat and burns more calories than exercising at a slow pace.

Do one-sided exercises

By working one side of the body at a time, you can more easily stimulate muscle and achieve faster muscle growth. Of course, training in this way will force you to spend more time in the gym, so choose some muscles to be worked unilaterally.

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Stimulate your muscles before exercise

To increase the growth of an isolated muscle, stimulating it beforehand can help. Before starting the exercise at your usual weight, do a few repetitions with less load.


touch While exercising, lightly touch the muscle being worked on. Tactile stimulation increases the connection between mind and muscle and sends signals to the brain and body to increase muscle activation.

More work in less time

A challenging way is to try to complete your training each time in less time, without cutting the volume of exercises. The muscles will experience more stimuli without recovering, causing the body to compensate with the increase in work capacity, power, hardness and size.